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Formed in 2016, Duvale Murchison Videography (formerly Skyelar Entertainment and Films) is a videography/film production company based in Charlotte North Carolina whose focus is creating and producing film and video, ART! Or, content.

Our company's business model mirrors that of a real estate developer except we don't build Real Property, we produce (build) Film Property. We find or create stories (land) and produce content (property) that will be sold or licensed to companies that distribute content on TV, Streaming platforms, computers, mobile devices, and other new media configurations. During our production processes, we actively search for content aggregators (buyers or licensees) who are looking to place content on their Streaming platforms, Cable or TV Networks, Digital platforms and other revenue generating video content outlets.


To produce Cinephotgraphy Art!

To become a leading content production company in the global film production industry and remodel the standards in such a way that people who visit our site and check out our work agree that it is artistic imagery.


We are honored by and place great value on each person and client who dedicates resources (and time) to hire us, or watch our content.  They are never taken for granted!
Content production is the life-blood of our company.  The value we place on its excellence, originality and family friendly themes will never be understated.
In order to produce quality content and entertainment, it takes the skills, expertise, commitment, hard work and togetherness of the people who work at Duvale Murchison Videography. We therefore place extremely high value on our employees, partners and clients. We value a working environment full of peace and fun; an environment where every employee is regularly praised for their excellence, compensated above industry standards and rewarded with advancement and promotions.
God is the foundation of our existence as a Company.  He is the source of our success. We have unwavering faith in Him.  We will therefore execute our business affairs to mirror His character. 



Duvale Murchison is an experienced actor and videographer who began acting in 2014 when he appeared in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. From that year through 2022, Duvale has appeared in or worked on nearly 20 films and TV shows. He also produced 10 independent short films and documentaries.  Click here to view all  IMDb credits.

Duvale's most successful project is his current 2022 documentary "PTSDOC: The Silent Suffering and Trauma of the Corrections Officer". The film reveals the causes of mental and physical trauma, depression, and death by suicide (156 annually) among Corrections Officers.

Duvale is Certified in Smartphone Cinematography and Filmic Pro filmmaking software.  

He also serves the Greater Charlotte community as an active member of the 100 Black Men of Charlotte, Advisory Board Member of Piedmont Health Services and the Sickle Cell Agency and he volunteers at several Charlotte area middle and high schools mentoring young Black men.

Duvale is responsible for creating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the company and ensuring its long term success. Additionally, he ensures that the company’s leadership maintains constant awareness of external and internal competitive landscapes, opportunities for expansion, clients, customers, consumers, markets, industry trends, developments and standards.

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